Spark Camps

A crazy-fun performing arts camp where kids dance and sing while experiencing the joy of being loved by Jesus.


Spark Camp is a unique change from typical Vacation Bible School. Similar to “Kaleo Kids,” Spark Camp is targeted for elementary school aged students to experience a rotation of music, dance and drama classes while split into groups based on their age.

In music, students learn the basics of auditioning for solos, vocal technique, and how to connect the meaning of a song to its performance.

In dance, students learn a warm-up routine, as well as choreography for the songs they will be performing.

In drama, students play fun improvisational games to learn to think on their feet and gain confidence in performing, in addition to learning the mechanics of auditioning. 


Students also come together for a large group community time devotional where they learn they are deeply loved by Jesus.  


The week ends with a parent performance of the material learned in a Live Concert!