Our Team


Renee Mulliniks | Chief fun officer and leader of the Kaleo Movement

Driven by the belief that each person carries unlimited potential and an innate ability to draw unique gifts out of people, Renee lets her big vision scale Kaleo Arts to be as unique and impactful as it can be.

She is seemingly always on her way to Disney World, finding a reason to celebrate, and stretching past barriers to ensure people know how awesome they are.


Nancy’s storytelling soul curates the original stories at Kaleo Arts. She believes everyone has a unique story of their own and through imagination and storytelling, we find the courage to make our corner of the world a better place.

You’re likely to find Nancy lost in a fantasy novel, sharing knowledge from her latest interest, or trying to keep up with her three (adorable) sons.

taylor Kanigowski | Dance Party Leader and Words Girl

Inspiring people to be the best version of themselves is Taylor’s passion. At Kaleo Arts, she gets to do this through writing the curriculum and content, as well as choreographing the dances.

You can run into Taylor at a new local café gushing over a book, a friend or a new project as she drinks her latte.


Dan Zott, Steve Saputo, Mike Mulliniks | Creative MEdia Team

These are the guys behind the incredible music, video, and visual content for all three Kaleo Arts initiatives, as well as producing the songs written by our Kaleo Songwriters. They are professional, fun, wildly creative and go above and beyond to create art that brings the best out of kids.

Daniel Zott – A professional musician and founding member of the band JR. JR., Daniel is also a producer and co-founder of Love is EZ Records.

Steve Saputo – A founding member of Proper Sounds, Steve is a prolific songwriter, producer, and composer creating countless works for companies and organizations.

Mike Mulliniks – Mike heads the production company, Sound and Color, producing music and telling cinematic stories of unknown people doing epic things around the world.

Angela Goetz | Genius Idea Generator

Angela is a daydreamer believer at heart. Her imagination plays an essential role in the creation of our stories and their execution. With a professional background in musical theater, she is committed to drawing talent out of students and encouraging them along the way.

Catch Angela singing and dancing as she does the dishes for her family of seven!


Bryan Pope, Jalen Seawright, Josh Colyer | Music Producers & Mentors

Bryan Pope — a multi instrumentalist and co-founder of Proper Sounds, composing and producing music for advertising. Bryan is also an active studio and live musician with JR JR and others.