Nelson A. Henry

Principle, Whitman Elementary

“Kaleo Kids has had a profound impact on the students at Whitman School. Kaleo Arts in partnership with Kensington Church has offered academic support and fine and performing arts experiences to our students that they might not have had on their own. The students have transformed in the attitudes, work ethics, self-esteem, and self-efficacy. Thank you Kaleo Arts for being a faith-based organization and sharing your faith in a practical and powerful way in our community”

Dr. Kimberly Leverette

Assistant Superintendent, Pontiac School District

“Pontiac School District is excited to benefit from such a positive program that has had a tremendous impact on our students in terms of confidence, attendance and teamwork. This program directly aligns with our districts vision for culture and climate instilling the programs qualities that enable our students to become great citizens. Thank you again for your continued support.”

Kaleo Arts PArent

Aside from the incredible arts education, the night before the performance my daughter had me drive to her friend's house at 7:30 p.m. so she could personally invite one more friend. Watching my daughter develop a passion and courage to invite others into her life is the greatest gift we receive from Kaleo Arts.

Principles Reported:

·     Improved student attendance at school

·     Higher confidence 

·     More parent involvement

·     Improved behavior

·     School Staff feel encouraged knowing others are pouring into their students. They feel refreshed when students come back to school ready to learn.