who we are

We’re changing the world one kid at a time.

Kaleo Kids helps young people discover and cultivate their artistic gifts while also developing leadership skills so they can use their talents to change the world.  

We see that most kids don’t understand the potential they have to use their gifts to impact the world around them. Many adults don’t often see the influential value in kids either. At Kaleo Kids we get excited about opening eyes to potential and giving a platform to share. 

Over the past 12 years we have developed a unique program that allows elementary school kids to experience a little of everything in the performing arts: music, dance, and drama. Through these classes students are regularly given opportunities to perform in front of their peers and test out news skills. And since we value creating a safe environment for these students, we find their confidence soars as they overcome challenges that push them past their comfort zone and are constantly cheered on.

Values focused on important leadership skills such as teamwork, serving and embracing our unique selves are taught each week. Each 12-week session ends with a live performance where students present all they have learned in a 30-minute musical based on a powerful message. The original and unique performance is meant to be performed for both parents and their peers. There is truly nothing out there like Kaleo Kids!


How Kaleo Kids Works

On set at the “Courageous Heart” music video shoot.

On set at the “Courageous Heart” music video shoot.