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Developing influential student artists who are firmly grounded in their identity as a world changer.  


 We know what you’re thinking.

It’s pronounced ka-leh’-oh.

(Kaleo is greek And it means “to invite”)

And this works out perfectly because we are ALL ABOUT inviting.

Inviting kids to do things they’ve never done before,

Inviting different communities to come together,

And inviting people to use their talents for a life changing purpose.

Kaleo Kids is a movement where art, joy & leadership collide.

We do this through our 12-week program of high-energy, fun, and challenging performing arts classes. Elementary students rotate through music, dance, and drama classes with trained professionals. They work toward an incredible ending performance created by our creative team in Detroit.

Yea, it seriously is as cool sounds.

But don't take our word for it, go ahead and learn some more yourself:


Launch Kaleo Kids In Your Neighborhood

Curious about how to bring your own Kaleo Kids to your local community? Woo-hoo! We have three easy steps to getting you there.

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Original Music & Stories

Our stories, songs, choreography and curriculum are original to the program as they are created by our professional Detroit team. *Students even write songs, too!

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Though students grow in their artistic abilities, we are more than just an arts program. Students leave Kaleo Kids more confident than ever. Check out the stories that prove:

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